The Next Step

After you have passed all your required exams, the next step is to apply for a Certificate of Qualification. These forms can be found on the NCA website, here:

In addition to applying for a Certificate, once you finish your exams, you can apply to the law society of your choosing. As I live in Ontario, I applied to the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Information for applying to the LSUC can be found here:

I’ve sent in both my request for the Certificate of Qualification and my LSUC application and I’m now just waiting for the copy of my Certificate and news on the status of my LSUC application. So my future posts will be about what happens after the NCA exams.

Thanks everyone who visits my blog for reading these and commenting on them. Personally, I have found that all these certification/lawyer qualification procedures, although relatively straightforward, require a lot of steps and so I’m glad that I’m able to help fellow LLBs navigate through the whole process. So please feel free to keep sending me all your questions and I will try my best to answer them.

PS: If anyone is writing the January exams in Toronto and is interested in forming a study group, please write a comment here or under the post entitled “January Exam Study Group”

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